How Foliar Nutrients Complement a Soil Application

Written on 05/07/2020

Did you know? 90% of our soils are phosphorus responsive!  

Why 90%? In a typical rotation, the removal rate of phosphorus exceeds the application amount, and we continue to deplete the phosphorus level within our soils.  

Phosphorus is a key component of every crop fertility plan since it:

An innovative practice to address the depletion of phosphorus is to complement your soil-applied phosphorus with a foliar application.  

Watch the video below (3.5 minutes) to learn:

  • How to complement your soil-applied fertility program with a foliar application
  • The efficiency of a soil application versus a foliar application
  • The value of a foliar application and the expected incremental yield
  • Which foliar phosphorus options to consider for this season 

Please contact us if you have any questions with regards to how ReLeaf or NRG can fit into your crop nutrition plans this spring.


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