Manage Your Crop Stress with Early Season Nutrition

Written on 05/27/2020

With spray season upon us, it is critical to check the health of your crop and ensure your crop is ready for herbicide application. At herbicide timing, your young crop can have seedling stall, so applying the proper essential nutrients to drive rooting with your herbicide makes all the difference.


Watch the video (less than 3 minutes) to learn how proper plant nutrition can proactively manage crop stress.

Add ReLeaf to your herbicide:

ReLeaf is your crop’s second opportunity for a starter fertilizer. Grow deeper, stronger roots and give you seedlings a second boost. ReLeaf invigorates crops to overcome internal and external stresses to thrive and preserve the yield potential.    

Releaf Chart

Is ReLeaf compatible with your herbicide?

We have done extensive work with agro-chemicals and other fertilizer products to understand compatibility as well as best practices when mixing products. To view a complete list of compatible products, CLICK HERE. If you don’t see your herbicide, please contact our local reps and they will have your mix tested to ensure compatibility. 

If you have any questions about how these products can fit into your plans this season, please contact your local rep.

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