Importance of Nutrition at Flowering

Written on 06/24/2020

As we start to think about fungicides for the crop, we also need to think about the crop's nutritional demands at the reproductive phase.  

Which nutrients are essential at the fungicide timing?

Watch the video to learn more.


Is 42PHI compatible with your fungicide?

We have done extensive work with agro-chemicals and other fertilizer products to understand compatibility as well as best practices when mixing products. To view a complete list of compatible products, CLICK HERE. If you don’t see your fungicide, please contact your local rep and they will have your mix tested to ensure compatibility. 

Want to learn more about nutrition at flowering?

FloweringWatch this video from our Nutrient Knowledge series to take a deeper dive into the nutrition at flowering.

If you have any questions about how 42PHI can fit into your nutritional plans this season, please contact your local ATP Nutrition rep.
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