Got P? Importance of preventing phosphorus deficiency

Written on 05/27/2021

Did you know 90% of our soils are phosphorus responsive?  

In a typical rotation, the removal rate of phosphorus exceeds the application amount, and we continue to deplete the phosphorus level within our soils.  

Phosphorus is a key component of every crop fertility plan since it:

  • Stimulates early season growth
  • Helps the crop grow deeper and stronger roots
  • Hastens plant maturity and promotes seed production
  • Functions as one of the main promoters of photosynthesis, nutrient transport and energy transfer via energy-rich linkages (ATP).

An innovative practice to address the depletion of phosphorus is to complement your soil-applied phosphorus with a foliar application.  

Watch the video below (3.5 minutes) to learn how a foliar application can complement your soil-applied fertility program:


Please contact your local ATP representative if you have any questions with regards to how ReLeaf or NRG can fit into your crop nutrition plans this spring.

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