Crop stressed out? Here's how biostimulants can help.

Written on 05/28/2021

Stress, stress, and more stress. The season has just begun and your crop has probably already been put through the wringer. But it's not all out of your control...

Leading into herbicide application, along with ensuring your crop is equipped with adequate nutrition, one choice that can have a HUGE impact on plant health and yield is to include a biostimulant with your foliar nutrition.

Biostimulants such as Transit-S and Cellburst technology can enhance or benefit:

  • nutrient uptake
  • nutrient efficiency
  • tolerance to abiotic stress
  • crop quality
  • yield


Watch the video above (approximately 3 minutes) to learn:

  • What is a biostimulant
  • Different types of biostimulants
  • What to expect when using a biostimulant
  • Options to incorporate a biostimulant into your crop plans

ATP has a number of product lines such as ReLeaf and Kinetic that contain essential nutrition complemented with biostimulants that can easily fit into your crop plans. If you have any questions about how biostimulants, ReLeaf or Kinetic can fit into your nutritional plans this season, please contact your local ATP Representative.

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