Can Biostimulants Replace Plant Nutrition?

Written on 06/18/2020

We're mid-spray season and the crop is rapidly growing. With this growth comes stress, which can leave your crop needing essential nutrients. Spoon feeding the crop throughout the growing season will help offset plant stress and help you achieve the genetic potential of the crop.  

Recently there is a lot of noise on biostimulants and we're often asked, "Can biostimulants replace plant nutrition or do they complement each other?"

Watch the video below to learn:

  • Can biostimulants replace plant nutrition or do they complement each other?
  • Critical times of the growing season to apply plant nutrition and biostimulants
  • Different types of biostimulants and their role at various crop stages
  • How plant nutrition and biostimulants can be integrated into your season long crop plan to boost yields


Is your agchem product compatible with ReLeaf or 42Phi?  

Compatibilities StillWatch this video to learn how we ensure product quality and verify compatibility with a range of ag-chem products. Click HERE to review our compatibility tables.  

If you have any questions about how biostimulants or nutrition can fit into your nutritional plans this season, please contact you local ATP Nutrition rep.
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