Are your crops begging for boron?

Written on 05/27/2021

Globally, boron deficiency is one of the most prevalent micronutrient deficiencies, and Western Canada is not an exception. Boron deficiency is on the rise with over 50% of the soils across Western Canada testing low to very low. And do you know what is suffering the most as a result of this? YEILD!

Watch the video (3.5 min) to learn how to proactively address a boron deficiency:


A couple options to proactively address boron deficiency are:

  1. A soil application followed by a foliar application
  2. Two foliar applications - One at herbicide timing followed by an application at fungicide timing.  

Due to the compatibility of the ReLeaf, NRG and Kinetic product lines with herbicides and fungicides, these product options fit simply and easily into an integrated crop plan to address boron deficiency. Check out our compatibility tables HERE to see how you can add these products into your existing plans.

Please contact your local ATP Representative if you have any questions with regards to how to proactively address boron deficiency in your fields.

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